Wish*Craft DIY Mystery Fortune Candle

Type: Toys & Games

•Melt and pour a beautiful treasure candle!
• Included Mystery Pod contains a stone and a metal charm—melt the candle to see what’s inside!
• Fortune Guide helps you interpret the meaning of the charm and stone combination!
• Create a tie-dye-like swirl pattern or make stripes with the included dye chips!
• Use the microwave to melt the wax chips and pour into the mold! Adult supervision required.

The WishCraft DIY Fortune Candle has what you need to create a beautiful, modern candle! Fold the waxed paper mold, add the Mystery Pod, and fill with wax! Blue and pink color chips allow you to customize your design. When the candle melts and cools, dig out your charm and stone - 8 possible combinations! The Fortune Guide helps you interpret what your treasures mean! It’s easy to melt the wax in the microwave. For kids 8+ (adult supervision is required). A classic camp craft, with a twist!