iHeartArt I Heart Watercolor Art Supply Bundle


• An artist’s dream- a deluxe set filled with high-quality supplies to create beautiful watercolor works!

• Featuring our premium best-selling concentrated 24 Watercolor Set including a water brush and built-in palette and 28 Metallic Watercolors which paint like liquid metal, and 3 Water Brush pens in 3 sizes.

• Doodle and layer with 12 Watercolor Pastels to draw and create watercolor effects in one, and 18 Oil Pastels who’s soft and rich colors can layer on top of dry watercolor or can be used as a wax resist to paint on top of.

• Complete artist set also contains 3 paper pads so you can start painting right away: 9”x12” Watercolor Art Pad and a 5.8” x 8.3” Watercolor Postcard Pad for thick watercolor paper and a 9” x 12” 3-in-1 Combo Pad which has tracing paper, sketch paper and watercolor paper in one. 112 sheets of paper in all.

• Layer and combine all the different materials to create your own unique artworks!