Richard Scarry's Busy World®: Puffy Sticker Play Set


•UNFOLD ADVENTURES - Everybody loves stickers, especially adorable puffy stickers for kids from Richard Scarry's Busy World®.

•PUFFY STICKER MAGIC - Use the removable stickers for kids to create your scene on the double-sided fold-out board. So much going on in a Busy World.

•REUSABLE - Endlessly repositionable! The special adhesive can be rinsed off if the play stickers get dusty.

•ENDLESS ENGAGEMENT - Instead of one-time use, this puffy sticker play set captivates kids 3+ with prolonged creative engagement, fostering imaginative exploration.

•INSTANT PLAYSCAPE - Immersive playtime starts right away, as the perfect blend of fun and learning unfolds with captivating 3D puffy stickers for kids.

Richard Scarry's Busy World® Puffy Sticker Playset has a double-sided roadway scene! Endless storytelling with 130 puffy reusable stickers depicting Lowly the Worm in his Apple Car, Bananas Gorilla in his Banana Car and tons more. The special adhesive can be rinsed off if the stickers fall on the floor. Instead of one-time use, the stickers can be re positioned, again and again. Playtime starts right away. The perfect activity to keep kids 3+ engaged for long periods of play.